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MARKETING- A SMALL WORD BUT WEIGHS THE BURDEN, MOST. And as time is passing the importance of this very business is increasing. Marketing for the product or service is not a term that has come recently it was back then in 19 century to let people know about the product and services and its features. The only difference is the way of marketing it. Earlier the way of marketing was the word of mouth, influencer marketing, hoarding, distributing posters, brochures, pamphlets, postcards, television, radio.

But now we have grown as technology and that has brought innovative methods for brand awareness and presenting the right image to the consumer.  

This decade is the digital age. 

And many businesses can vouch for that be it of any kind.Be it the entertainment business, the tech industry, fashion and beauty industry, commerce industry, construction, health industry. The reason for this is that every industry has taken the business to online platforms.   

Digital marketing strategy’s purpose is to establish a brand in the consumer’s mind forever online.


There is noZlitch of a doubt that digital marketing has revolutionized completely in some years. From a mere tool of connecting people to now the most used and successful strategy for marketing people. 

Digital marketing is growing in manifolds today.


  • AROUND 3.2 MILLION people are social users.
  • Customer chat boxes are the new trend that is being used by the brands
  • An average of 142 minutes, people spend on social media every day
  • 49% of consumers’ choices are influenced by social media influencers.
  • Usage of Search engine optimization is maximum in INDIA and the USA.
  • Many companies use email marketing for their brands, and email optimization is 49%through mobile phones.
  • 93% of brands have claimed that they got new customers through video marketing.

Some of the most used strategies of digital marketing are Content marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, conversational marketing, ads through videos, social media stories, IGTV and live, pay-per-click and webinars, and no end to this road. 


Businesses are taking the road to digital meetings, because of multinational channels available, cost-effective, and instant results through feedback, likes, dislikes and comments.

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